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الجمعة، 11 يناير 2013

تحميل بروكسي بوت كونكر اونلاين The EPIC Proxy/Bot

افتراضي تحميل بروكسي بوت كونكر اونلاين The EPIC Proxy/Bot

تحميل بروكسي بوت كونكر اونلاين The EPIC Proxy/Bot
تمام الرفع بوسط /medo_cat  /hamed_hamde

Currently Working With:

  • English Client
  • Arabic Client
  • French Client
  • Spanish Client
  • Chinese Client(lol)

*FREE Multiclient(Never needs updating, Just launch through Chrome!)*
*FREE TQ Nastiness Blocker(Blocks all outgoing connections TQ CONSTANTLY attempts)*
*FREE Client Manager(An Exclusive feature to Chrome, VERY useful!)*

Client Manager is a unique feature that allows the user to completely hide a running CO Client in the background while still running smoothly, it has a System Tray Icon that the user can right click and do a variety of stuff.

  • Show/Hide All Clients
  • Show/Hide Single Clients
  • Launching a CO Client
  • Hide Chrome's GUI
  • Quitting Everything

*Below is a compilation of our bot's main GUI panels*
تحميل بروكسي كونكر اونلاين EPIC
تحميل بروكسي كونكر اونلاين EPICتحميل بروكسي كونكر اونلاين EPICتحميل بروكسي كونكر اونلاين EPICتحميل بروكسي كونكر اونلاين EPICتحميل بروكسي كونكر اونلاين EPICتحميل بروكسي كونكر اونلاين EPIC

تحميل بروكسي كونكر اونلاين EPICتحميل بروكسي كونكر اونلاين EPIC

*Below is a compilation of our software's main features, as you can see it has pretty much everything other bots have to offer + a lot more (much unlisted and more still being developed)*

  • UNLIMITED "@AI"(Nfarmer) ANY LEVEL/CLASS Upgrades and Repairs Items, Finds Next Level Monsters, Warehouses and Uses Atk/Def/Exp Potions, Packs Mets/Gems and Composes +'s/Gems. @AI Can either use your current settings or it can use default settings.
  • UNLIMITED Clientless accounts!
  • Intelligent Auto Spawn Selector with huge database, our bot runs a method that returns the best available spawn using a scoring system (for example if other bots already there, the spawn score is reduced)
  • Amazing Market Panel (Compile every market vendor into 1 shop on our bot's GUI, buy multiple items from multiple vendors with 1 click) Thanks to Kage for this idea
  • Smart Fatalstrike algorithm
  • Account-Creator utility (Simply Enter the amount of accounts to create and the password you wish to use)
  • Built in chat room where, we, Nitrogenx & Cyanogen both spend a lot of time helping & listening.
  • Built in Scripting with our bot's API + Colorful Script Editor to help noobies, our scripting language is written completely by ourself, thus giving us the opportunity to make scripting a ton easier.
  • XP Boost Setting (Goes to Pheasants to quickly regain XP Skill and returns)
  • Noob Hunt (Goes to set monsters and avoids them while attempting to steal peoples loot)
  • Avoid Monsters (An intelligent routine that hits monsters while not getting hit)
  • Auto Resume Connection upon Disconnect and Continue Botting!
  • Aimbot ALL Spells possible!
  • Multi Login Functionality (Login UNLIMITED accounts and put them to work with the click of a single button)
  • Teleporting (Real teleporting, up to 18 coords)
  • Teleporting from any map X,Y to another in just 1 second!
  • Blue Mouse Script (Auto packs meteors into meteor scrolls!)
  • Lab Quest Script
  • House Permit Quest Script
  • Auto-Hunter (Supports ALL Classes!)
  • Auto Mining, Dropping, Selling Ore and Warehouse Gems
  • Auto Looting (With Dynamic settings to keep chaining a priority)
  • Auto Potting
  • Smart Scatter bot
  • Auto Open Dilligence Books
  • Auto Open CP Boxes
  • Auto Follow by Name (Can teleport anywhere to stay with the player if CHROME login)
  • Auto-Follow Kill Player By Name!
  • Auto-Follow Buff Player By Name!
  • Auto VIP Repair
  • Auto VIP Deposit (Instantly Deposits Valuables)
  • Auto Revive Here
  • Avoid Players (Completely stays out of their screen)
  • No KS Setting (Wont hit mobs around another player)
  • Auto Hide/Wait at your own X,Y or in the Market when waiting for XP Skill!
  • Full Class Hunting/Leveling support, using any skills!
  • Sizeable Radius (Adjustable and used globally, Dynamically increases/decreases to be sure it keeps finding mobs)
  • Non DC Speedhack (Cyclone, DivineHare & Horse!)
  • Safe Mode (Can be set from level 1-10 choosing how often the bot waits for a response from the server before continuing)
  • Amazing, easy to use GUI
  • Colored Minimap and Character information
  • Meteor spammer
  • Extremly fast Fatalstriking (Uses a unique method)
  • Auto Talisman Progress.
  • Daily forum support!
  • Quick Updates and fixes!
  • Gate Jumping
  • Auto City Repair!
  • Auto City Deposit!
  • Auto City Revive!
  • Level all spells without messing around with macros, just press start
  • Cheap Weekly Subscriptions Available
  • Inventory and Warehouse panels including an ALL warehouse view
  • SmartSpawn system, bot dynamically figures out the best spots in a spawn
  • Item leveling Met Spammer
  • Sub Scripting (Allows special quest scripts to be run at a particular level)
  • Noob Credit System (Traders will give money to broke noob hunters)
  • CHROME is written entirely in C++

Chrome - Version 2.09 (10046)

**If the Bot does not run, download and install the VC++ Run Time Libraries & .net4 framework from the links given below**


Probable Machine Requirements:
Tested on Windows XP, Vista, 7
1GB Ram Recommended
Dual Core CPU or better Recommended


Update 5/17/12 - CHROME will allow unsubscribed users to login 1 account ONLY. The account will DC after 30 minutes of use and re-log from the same account or IP address will not be permitted for another 30 minutes.

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